Final-final WotV Early Access update is LIVE!

We just released the final big content update to Early Access - for real this time!

Are you prepared to face the rampaging Norse horde? They're preparing to face you, and their fighting is better, their shields shinier, and their beards longer than ever. We've been hard at work getting War of the Vikings into battle-ready condition for the launch, and there's some big updates to share with you.

Early March is here and brought a new content update and patch to the Early Access edition, it provided our players with more customization options – plus all of the optimization, bug-fixes, engine improvements, and other behind-the-scenes stuff to keep your battles smooth. If you haven't played in a little while, in fact, we spent February deploying some hotfixes that stabilized the Vikings servers and implemented our latest anti-cheat system. Now is a great time to check out the game if you had any issues earlier!

It's also a great time to try out the customization system, which lets you try out a wide variety of styles and appearances for both your Viking and Saxon warriors. The new patch in March will expand that even further, including the addition of Shield Paints! You'll be able to put together a fearsome pattern in the color of your choice, before your shield is inevitably colored a deep crimson during the skirmish.

There's a livestream coming up on March 5th, starting at 8pm CET (11am PST), where we'll discuss how Early Access has gone and show off how the game looks when some high-level players do battle. Oh – and we'll be announcing the release date for War of the Vikings during that stream, too, we should mention that. Don't miss it!

As always, we can't thank you all enough for being part of the War of the Vikings community while we've been in development. Your testing and feedback during Early Access has helped make the game what it is today, and most importantly, we hope you've had as much fun as we have. See you soon!

The War of the Vikings Team