War of the Vikings – In Early Access Now!

Sometimes we warn you about upcoming updates, and sometimes they just come out of nowhere like a throwing axe to the face. Guess what? War of the Vikings has joined the Early Access program on Steam, and you can play the game right now. As in NOW-now. You could be maiming a Saxon by the time you finish reading this message!

Awesome news, we know, but it gets even better: if you participated in the War of the Vikings Alpha before today, or you happen to own War of the Roses: Kingmaker, you get to briefly play the Early Access version for free! This free sample lasts through October 4, 2013. After that (or before that, if you’re so inclined) you can buy War of the Vikings in Early Access here with 10% off for the first month if you own War of the Roses

Here’s what you get to try out right away in Early Access: right now, the game gives you access to 3 fixed profiles, the ‘Arena’ and ‘Team Deathmatch’ game modes, 2 small maps (Gauntlet and Docks), 2 large maps (Forest and Docks), and a selection of weapons including Swords, One-Handed and Two-Handed Axes, Longbows, Throwing Axes, and Daggers.

Remember, this is still not a finished version, so more features like custom profiles, the squad system, and better blood effects are still being worked on. You’ll see those features added to the game as development progresses – playing in Early Access is a great way to watch the game grow from the inside and help us shape the final version!

You can tell us what you think and share your experiences with the game by joining the conversation on the Paradox forums, and the Steam Hub for War of the Vikings

Have fun, and enjoy the Early Access to War of the Vikings!


Best regards,

The War of the Vikings Team